Asthma & Allergy Clinic


Do you Smoke?

Do you Wheeze?

Do you Cough?

Do you Sneeze?

Do you Snore?

Do you have Excessive Phlegm?

Do you travel in Pollution?

Are you exposed to dust in Industry?

If YES then meet our Specialist…

Scope of Services

Asthma Clinic
Inhaler Therapy. PFT, Allergy tests, Biological Therapies

COPD Clinic
Smoking Cessation, Inhaler therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Bullectomy

TB and Pneumonia Clinic
Diagnostic bronchoscopy and Lung Washing and Critical Care support

Lung Cancer Clinic
Tumor removal, Bronchoscopic biopsy, Lymph node aspiration, cancer staging Screening of lung cancer

 Interstitial Lung Diseases
Diagnostic lung biopsy, Long Term Oxygen Therapy and Palliative care

Sleep Study Clinic
Snoring screening, Polysomnography, CPAP BIPAR Auto-PAP

Pediatric Pulmonology
Wheezing Disorder, Foreign body removal.

Interventional Pulmonology
Stenting. A tumor biopsy, Electrocautery. Thoracoscopic biopsy and Pleural fluid drainage and Pleurodesis, ICD, and Pigtail insertion.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Ventilator and Critical Care management