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Senior Discounts on Asthma Prescriptions

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Senior Discounts on Asthma Prescriptions

Seniors can find the cost of prescriptions to be an astronomical burden on them, especially for their loved ones who are on fixed income. Despite, prescription drug coverage through Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part D, the cost of medications might still offset some of the price comparisons and savvy shopping. This is why, it is important for senior citizens to use a prescription discount card.

The below list of discounts for prescriptions has been made with years of research and will be of great use to seniors significantly and help offset any costly prescriptions. Now, it is possible for the discounts to vary from location to location. However, each of these, are very useful.

List of Discounts on Prescriptions for Seniors
Each of the service providers that are included on the list has been carefully reviewed to ensure that you get the most out of their services. Keep in mind that the discount policies would change from time to time. They can either change at the local level or the national level. Therefore, before making use of any of the discounts, seniors should ask ahead of time to eliminate any surprises.

Costco Member Prescription Program
Seniors and their family members need to know about the Costco Member Prescription Program. It is a great prescription savings program for the family. Costco members would be allowed to save up to 80% for their prescription medications even if they do not have any prescription drug insurance or any other insurance which does not cover the prescription medications.

AARP members and families would save up to 61% on average with the AARP Prescription Discount Card. All FDA approved brand names and specialty drugs which the Medicare Part D or current prescription insurance plan fails to cover would be covered. In order to avail the benefits, one needs to be a member of AARP.

CVS Pharmacy
Enroll yourself in the CVS Extra Care Savings and Rewards Program. You will receive Extra Savings with the use of personalized coupons that are delivered on receipts and through the online Extra Care Coupon Center. There are various benefits and rewards offered by the plan by simply shopping and filling prescriptions.

Rite Aid
Easily sign up for the Rite Aid Rx Savings Program and save up to 20% on thousands of generic prescription drugs and brand names. When one signs up for the program, they will receive an Rx Savings Card which will provide them with complete access to special discounts at all Rite Aid pharmacies.

Kmart is a name which just about everyone knows of. They offer their very own Prescription Savings Club which is a Pharmacy Savings Plus Program at Kmart. Annual charges for the program are only $15 for a household and $10 a person. You as well as your family would be then covered for specific generic drugs. Furthermore, a great thing about the program is that pets prescription is also covered for up to 10% and for vaccinations 25% off will be enjoyed.

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