Schumer Demands FAA Require EpiPens Aboard Airliners - Asthma And Allergy Clinic
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Schumer Demands FAA Require EpiPens Aboard Airliners

EpiPens on flights

Schumer Demands FAA Require EpiPens Aboard Airliners

Sen. Chuck Schumer recently said that it is essential for all airlines to carry lifesaving EpiPens. Epipen couponHe also requested regulatory authorities to take necessary actions in this direction so that passengers on the flight can avail emergency kits at the time of serious allergic reactions.

Note that, Federal Aviation Administration in 2016 advised airlines to fly without EpiPens due to the on-going shortage of product. However, Sen. Tummy Duckworth and Schumer have now urged FAA to reverse their policy to have EpiPens on flights.

It is worth mentioning that EpiPens have a specific dose of epinephrine that is capable enough to reverse the allergic reactions caused by food, drug, and insect bites.

Just two weeks ago, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, a well-known New York-based Physician, saved the life of a passenger on Delta Air Lines flight by providing instant treatment for severe allergic reaction.

In a press conference, Varshavski said that the emergency kit in the respective plane had epinephrine, but that dose level was suitable for a patient suffering from cardiac arrest. So, he dumped half of the dose on the floor and then injected the remaining to the patient and saved his life.

Dr. Varshavski also added that if this facility was not available, they would have to make throat incision and it could be a tough task as one cannot find any sharp object on flights.

Arlene Salac, the FAA spokeswoman, also said that although airlines are advised to carry epinephrine in injectable form since 2003, it usually gets difficult for an average person to estimate the exact dose for a patient without Epipen coupon.

In most common conditions, severe allergic reactions may lead to symptoms such as hives, breathing problems, and swelling on throat and face.

Although the exemption to carry EpiPens on flights was in effect up to 2020, now Schumer advised the agency to reverse the policy. Schumer also said that food allergies are more common these days; a higher number of people are suffering from serious reactions that can even cause death.

A spokesperson from Southwest Airlines revealed that planes are loaded with EpiPen and Diphenhydramine so that medical professionals can use them on the way to deal with emergencies. On the other side, United prefer to carry epinephrine to prevent serious troubles on-board.

Epipen couponAnother spokesman from American Airline said that aircraft at American Airlines are loaded with all essential medicines that meet FAA standards. The essential additions to these medical kits are injectable Epinephrine with Epipen coupon and Benadryl. And the great news is that by the end of this year, American Airlines will also carry auto-injectable Epipen coupon. With some positive efforts in direction, it will be easier to save the life of patients in the long-haul flights.

Many other airlines are still working towards the idea of carrying EpiPens on flights. Hopefully, a valuable decision in this direction will be soon taken by regulatory authorities, and it will be easier to treat cases of serious allergic reactions on-board.

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