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Push for EpiPens on Flights

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Push for EpiPens on Flights

After the allergy attack suffered by a college student on a flight, a coalition was recently formed for carrying EpiPens on commercial flights.

The founder of government relations firm, Robert Houton, launched the Coalition for Carrying Auto-Injector Epinephrine Rights (CLEAR) on flights and the first member for this coalition was Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

Note that GBTA represents a famous business travel industry, and it includes more than 9000 business travel professionals from different continents around the world.

At the same time, CLEAR reached out to multiple Airlines all over the world, and the list includes American Hotel & Lodging Association, Children’s Hospital Association, US Travel Association, the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), Mylan and Airlines for America.

As per a recent incident, Alexa Jordan and Harvard University student flying from Chicago to Boston suffered serious allergic reactions while eating salad on the airport, and she believed that it was probably contaminated with cashews.

She said that flight attendant on Southwest Airlines refused to have EpiPens on flights; however, on the other side, the airline staff told that when they offered her EpiPen, she declinedEpipen coupon it.

After that incident, FAA advised all Airlines to carry epinephrine with permitted syringes; however, they didn’t mention to add auto-injectors into the medical kits.

Houton, in a recent interview, told media that it is a matter of safety issues and it is essential to stock the CLEAR epinephrine auto-injectors or Epipen coupons on all commercial flights.

Note that, the previous congressional action on this matter was from Marl Krik, ex-Sen. who presented the unsuccessful bill in the year 2015. Experts reveal that this bill should have directed all flights to carry at least two packs of auto-injectors and at the same time, they must be replaced right before their expiration date. Also, the crew members must be trained to recognize the symptoms associated with chronic and acute allergic reactions.

At present, CLEAR is considering language to prepare new legislation for Congress to present the Epipen coupon. Sen. Tammy Duckworth is presently working on the seat of Krik, and he is actively participating in discussions with the coalition.

Soon, CLEAR will be meeting D.C. with organizations, activists, and companies that are directly related to the airline industry.

Along with GBTA, they have also sent invitations to American Express and Expedia, Southwest Airlines and many other groups for deciding about Epipen coupon.

Many passengers that are suffering from food allergies prefer to carry their own EpiPens on flights, and it is a safe solution. But the airlines are also equally responsible for saving the patients on the air. All airline companies must load their emergency kits with appropriate auto-injectors so that serious consequences can be handled onboard. In the case of acute allergies, it is possible to save patients with EpiPens on flights without even planning an emergency landing.

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