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Pharmacies Still Facing EpiPen Shortage

EpiPen shortage

Pharmacies Still Facing EpiPen Shortage

U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2018 declared a shortage of EpiPens due to some manufacturing issues. The issues still continue, and it has become difficult for patients to avail the right treatment on time.

The owner of Carolina Forest Pharmacy, Sam Abraham, recently said that it is little complicated to develop these auto-injectors. Manufacturers are currently going through some troubles at production stages, and hence, it has become difficult to meet market demands.

In the summer season, it is common to undergo life-threatening allergies. Epipen coupon offer an instant solution to the families; that is why they are always in search of easy availability online. As manufacturers have not mentioned any specific timeline for balancing the demand and supply cycle; pharmacists advise consumers not to rely on this solution in the near future.

Epipen couponYou might be aware of the fact that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer takes care of EpiPen development for Mylan. However, Kim Becker, a spokeswoman from Pfizer, recently stated that they are making lots of efforts to meet the rising demands, but the EpiPen shortage may still go on for the next few months.

Many people are even holding expired EpiPens so that they can have some treatment option to deal with the emergencies. The popular pharmacists like Abraham are trying their best to keep enough stock of EpiPens on their shelves to serve the consumers and to do this; they are placing orders for fresh supply time and again. Abraham also said that although they face such EpiPen shortages many times, it was not expected that issue would persist so long.

He also added that they are trying to avail every single piece of the box for EpiPen. At present, they have enough collection of standard Epipen coupon, they are .3 EpiPens, but they are finding it little difficult to collect the junior ones.

Epipen couponNote that, EpiPens are useful to treat the initial allergic reactions, including the symptoms such as itching, swelling, and rashes as well. But in case if you don’t have direct access to EpiPen, it is good to take some over-the-counter medications; one such option is Benadryl. Patients need to monitor their symptoms more carefully because the severe reactions can lead to anaphylaxis, and it further causes difficulty in breathing, may drop in blood pressure and cause light-headed feeling as well. in this condition, you may need Epipen coupon or immediate medical assistance.

In case if you have some expired EpiPens with you, do not throw it now. As per the latest updates from the FDA, they stated that the expired EpiPens can be used for four more months without any side effect. So, prefer to hold the previous one until you get the new package from a nearby store.

Some experts also say that the EpiPen shortage may continue for a few more months. As the new school years are about to start, the demands may rise to peak level, and manufacturers may find it difficult to ensure proper supply.

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