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Mylan Deal Puts EpiPen in Spotlight

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Mylan Deal Puts EpiPen in Spotlight

Mylan NV’s (MYL.O) decided to merge with another big-name Pfizer Inc’s (PFE.N) for the off-patent branded medications; however, the major problem of emergency allergy treatment EpiPen Shortage still remains in the market.

If we look at the reports, Mylan is already struggling hard to serve consumers in the market. The EpiPen shortage created tough situations in front of parents as they need enough supply of this allergy treatment before the school routines begin.

As now these two big brands have signed an agreement to work together, the chances are that they will deal with the shortage of EpiPens in a more creative manner by enhancing the manufacturing capabilities. Note that, Pfizer was manufacturing EpiPen for Mylan for past several years via its Meridian Medical Technologies unit.

However, it is still confusing if the combination will work positively towards the management of the complex manufacturing process for EpiPens and Epipen coupon.

As per the transaction announced this Monday, Meridian is not expected to merge with Mylan; but these companies are planning to transfer Meridian to the new business sector for developing generic EpiPens.

Although the discussion has not reached any final deal yet, parties are trying to take some valuable decisions before closing the Pfizer-Mylan deal in the year 2020.

Chief Financial Officer at Pfizer, Frank D’Amelio recently said that they are making some conversations with Mylan, but the final decision is yet to be made.

In case, if the company gets transferred to Mylan-Pfizer spinoff, the chances are that they will make better policies to deal with the shortage of EpiPen in the market. Consumers can then expect easy availability with special Epipen coupon for these anti-allergy injections to protect their kids during outdoor events.

Edward Jones Analyst, Ashtyn Evans also said that if we think for long term plans, the EpiPen development procedures may reduce complexity while operating under a single unified company.

Epipen couponReports reveal that while being the largest manufacturer of EpiPens with global selling efficiency, Meridian has suffered many troubles in manufacturing process since 2018 and it is the main reason behind increasing cases of shortage for EpiPens in the United States and other regions as well. In a press meet, the company professionals also stated that EpiPen shortage is expected for the coming few months.

The national health agency of Canada said that they are also going to experience considerable EpiPens shortage in the coming days.

The generic drugmaker, Mylan is going through a more complicated phase due to voice raised by politicians and mothers for the sudden price hike of EpiPen. It is now facing more competition in the market for providing emergency treatment for allergies.

In order to meet the rising demands in the market, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA.TA) launched their new generic EpiPen. At the same time, few other companies like Kaleo Inc, Novartis AG (NOVN.S) and Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc (AMRX.N) are also planning to bring new products into a competitive market with Epipen coupon. Hope, these new manufacturers may help to meet the demands of EpiPens in the peak summer season.

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