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Most Compelling Studies on CBD

cbd research

Most Compelling Studies on CBD

cbd for allergiesCBD research is becoming more common all the time as people are learning how many medications are harming them. For many types of medication, the side effects people experience are worse than the condition they are supposed to treat. People are beginning to seek more natural alternatives. They want to know if they can use CBD for allergies, pain, cancer, and almost any other condition out there. Although CBD for allergies is still new, the research done so far for other conditions shows a lot of potential.

CBD and Panic disorders
Panic disorder affects around five percent of the world population. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, are currently the most common treatment for this disorder, as well as antidepressants and benzodiazepines, but many patients stop taking this treatment after some time because of adverse side effects. CBD is now becoming a more suggested alternative for panic disorder, along with other anxiety disorders, because it is non-psychoactive. Both human and animal studies have been completed in order to decide the overall therapeutic benefits of CBD. To ensure accuracy, researchers studied a variety of tests performed on both healthy volunteers and those who had been diagnosed with panic disorder.

One particular study was on a public speaking test since a fear of public speaking is common in most people, including those without anxiety disorders. Volunteers had to prepare their own speeches and perform their speeches on camera. Those given antidepressants were less prepared and their speeches were not performed as well as they had hoped. For both healthy volunteers and those with anxiety, CBD decreased their anxiety after this test, which motivated researchers to continue researching the effects of CBD on panic disorder. One of the animal studies included a test on defensive strategies. The theory, which proved to be true, was that panic would cause animals to either try to escape or freeze when threatened by predators. When rats were given CBD, their panic-related behaviors decreased and they no longer tried to escape or freeze right away. The studies concluded that CBD does, in fact, have properties that reduce panic and it does not cause any psychoactive effects. The researchers found that CBD is not addictive and that it could be an acceptable alternative to antidepressants and benzodiazepines when used for a panic disorder, but research is still being done to get a final approval.

CBD and the Brain After a Stroke
Strokes occur when there is a blockage in an artery, preventing blood flow. This can be caused by a narrow artery or a blood clot. This can also occur in infants, but researchers still know very little about this type of stroke. All that is known for sure is that they can lead to disabilities or brain injury, and there is currently no treatment. A study was done to find out if CBD could reduce brain damage or even improve recovery at all in Wistar rats. Researchers performed many different types of tests and used MRIs to assess brain damage. After the rats were given CBD, their neurobehavioral functions improved significantly. They gradually began to experience increased strength and coordination, and the CBD caused cell damage and inflammation to decrease. This study requires many more tests to be done before they will test on humans, but researchers are hopeful. The hope is that they will even be able to use CBD to treat newborns.

cbd researchCBD and Epilepsy
Refractory epilepsy is extremely difficult to control and is drug-resistant. Patients with refractory epilepsy experience delayed neuropsychomotor development and poor quality of life overall. In 2016, researchers performed a test to study the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD in epilepsy patients. Fifteen patients were given CBD to use over different periods of time. Some used it for as little as a month, and others used it for up to a year. There were several factors the researchers wanted to study, such as the experiences of both the patients and their caregivers, changes in their seizures, and any side effects.

This study produced encouraging information for epilepsy patients. Over half of the patients were able to control up to half of their seizures in that timeframe. Twenty-seven percent of patients reported that their seizures disappeared. The majority of patients experienced improvements in behavior and language, half experienced better sleep, and almost half experienced better eating habits. The most significant finding was that all fifteen patients reported improved moods. The side effects were minimal, with the most common one being drowsiness. This study shows that there are potentially great benefits of using CBD for epilepsy, and many patients who are already using it have shown great results.

cbd researchCBD and Smoking
There are thousands of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. Many of these chemicals even cause cancer in some people, but they can cause a number of other health issues as well, such as respiratory infections, trouble breathing, and heart attacks. Millions of people die every year from smoking because of how difficult it is to stop once you start. Only a small number of people are able to quit without any medications or outside help. A large number need emotional support, medications, and even counseling. In one particular study, researchers wanted to find out if CBD might help people who were trying to quit smoking.

Twelve smokers were given CBD to use for a week, and another twelve were given a placebo to use for a week. Each person used the CBD or placebo every time they wanted to smoke. Those with the placebo showed no changes in their smoking habits over the week. Those using CBD smoked, on average, around forty percent fewer cigarettes over the week. Many of them continued their progress even after the week was up. Although more research is needed for clear answers, researchers now believe CBD would be an effective treatment for nicotine addiction.

CBD research is growing all the time, and studies continue to show all the benefits CBD has to offer. There is still a lot to learn about CBD, but so far the research is promising.

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