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EpiPen Shortage Continues

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EpiPen Shortage Continues

During the summer season, when kids plan to move out for a summer camp, parents often start looking for some auto-injectors to prevent them from serious allergies. And in the long list of remedies, the most preferred choice use to be EpiPen. Reports reveal that EpiPen, including its generic form, developed by Mylan, suffers shortage in supply during the summer season. However, manufacturers have now come with two more affordable options in the market.

Symjepi, an advanced form of an epinephrine injector, was recently launched by Novartis. And right after that, Walgreens introduced its complete range of epinephrine auto-injector named as Auvi-Q. The great news is that this one is available for free to consumers that have commercial insurance. Furthermore, Kaelo, the developer of this product, said that they are ready to ship this auto-injector to the customers with Epipen coupon and free shipping facility.

Well, there is no doubt that these developments are really useful for consumers; especially due to the on-going challenges in the availability of branded as well as generic versions of EpiPen. With these recent announcements, consumers can now avail a variety of options for shopping in the market with EpiPen Shortage.

It is tough to find EpiPens:

Due to the EpiPen Shortage of supply in the market, the FDA announced that people could use injectors even after four months of the expiration date. The data shows stable performance for generic and branded EpiPens for around 4 months after the expiration date.

Walgreens, Healthwarehouse.com, CVS, and Costco recently confirmed that both branded and generic versions of EpiPens are still short in supply. That is why pharmacies have now called the stock from a few other epinephrine products to meet the rising demands.

Vice president of Costco pharmacy, Vic Curtis recently said that although supply for generic EpiPens is still under control, the chain for branded EpiPens cannot be maintained so long. Hence, consumers are expected to spare some extra time while filling product prescriptions.

CEO of HealthWarehouse.com, Joseph Peters revealed that even if some online stores are still receiving a supply of branded and generic EpiPens; they can only serve consumers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hence, it is better to ensure product availability prior to placing an order online to prevent EpiPen Shortage.

General information about popular EpiPens:

If we talk about the retail price of Branded and Generic EpiPens; it is $650 for 0.3mg EpiPen and $350 for 0.15 mg generic EpiPen. Some companies online are offering special Epipen coupon on these products; especially for those who have medical health insurance.

Auvi-Q is another auto-injector EpiPen in the market that can be trigged with a button. Consumers can buy it at a price tag of $4900 without insurance. The great news is that it is available at no cost for those who have commercial insurance.

Generic Adrenaclick is another commonly available option in the market with a lower price tag of $270. However, those who have commercial insurance can purchase it at a low cost with a special discount Epipen coupon of $25.

Then comes Symjepi, but it is not an auto-injector; rather, users need to inject it manually. One can buy it by paying $250 without insurance.

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