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Can CBD Fight Allergies?

CBD for Allergies

Can CBD Fight Allergies?

water soluable cbdWhether you suffer from chronic allergies, seasonal allergies or situational allergies, chances are you’ve tried a number of different allergy medications to help stop the symptoms. While the current over-the-counter options work, they sometimes can come with side effects that aren’t ideal and make a person wonder if it is worth it to keep taking them just to lessen their sneezing and quell their watery eyes. In recent times, water soluble CBD has been examined for its potential effects in helping to treat allergies, especially in the case of seasonal spring allergies.

CBD can help your body naturally respond to allergic reactions to things in the environment. While CBD doesn’t target endocannabinoid receptors right off, it does facilitate and encourage your body to get its own going, and this could help allergies in a number of ways. CBD begins by boosting the immune system, which is responsible for the response to allergies. By using CBD for allergies, you could help control the immune system’s response to these irritants, thereby helping it respond and deal with allergens before they start causing those uncomfortable symptoms for you.

A healthier immune system might make it so that the threat is less present when allergy season rolls around. CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory factors, and inflammation is what causes you to get puffy and achy during allergy season. Environmental allergies are probably what is responsible for the feeling of sinus tightness and head fullness during an allergy attack, so CBD could also help manage those irritating symptoms.

There are many ways that you could take water soluble CBD for allergies, and they are just as versatile as the ways in which you’d take it for any other reason. CBD is easy to incorporate into your daily self-care routine for that reason.

– Vaping
Vaping is a common way to administer CBD oil for any purpose. Vaping is fast and easy and the vaporized state helps absorb the CBD quickly into the lungs when you breathe it in, so it starts to work relatively quickly.

CBD for Allergies– Edibles
Eating the CBD oil is a tastier way to get your dose, and while it does tend to be slower acting than the other methods, the results can hang around for longer, making edibles particularly ideal for managing your seasonal allergies.



– Oils
CBD oils are great for using to relive allergies, as they are the most versatile in the way they can be administered. You can put a drop of CBD oil under your tongue, into a drink or just swallow it directly to get the effects.

– Topicals
If your allergies are causing skin rashes, it could be beneficial to apply CBD directly to the source by using CBD topical products. Including gels, balms and lotions, CBD-infused topicals make it easy to get the CBD through the skin, right where you need it most.

There are many reasons to give CBD a try if you suffer from allergies to get relief in an effective, natural manner.

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